English Springer Spaniels are wonderful, loving and clever dogs which brought – up and trained properly – will satisfy your expectations as most reliable companions and friends. However, on the part of their owners they require a great deal of warmth, love, interest, and an appropriate grooming.
Before making some mistakes in taking care of our puppy we have to be aware how much its future development depends on our actions and choices.

“Tame – means to establish ties (…) You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed”

 [A. De Saint Exupery “The Little Prince”]

English Springer Spaniels certainly need:

* love and deep bond with “their” man
They are extremely sociable dogs, emotionally attached to their owner to whom they address their absolute devotion. In return they need attention, understanding, and respect. Isolated from their family they suffer badly! Especially in the childhood ESS should be provided with a constant presence of people and animals if possible. It makes it easier for the development of the required behaviour and final shape of the dog’s character.

* a thorough process of up – bringing
We have to remember that ESS are gundogs used for the purpose of hunting for hundreds of years. Contrary to some opinions – a hunting instinct itself does not impede the ties between the dog and his owner. It is us that are responsible for an appropriate relationship with the dog and establishment of a hierarchy in the family. A well bred ESS should never be a nuisance to his master whereas his sensitive sense of smell will frequently offer advantages.
As far as the working value of English Springer Spaniels is concerned, it is worth mentioning here that their universality can be perceived both in difficult hunting conditions, as well as in the Police and Customs’ Services. Representatives of this breed often work as sniffers and dogs for special tasks, searching for drugs, explosives and other prohibited goods found at the airports, harbours and other places.

This application clearly proves that English Springer Spaniels have huge abilities of cooperation with men, a great aptitude for training and obedience, not mentioning their outstanding intelligence, as well.

* lots of exercise
Adult dogs require at least one longer walk a day (1 – 2 hours) – not only to satisfy the physiological needs.
However, we have to remember that when puppies are taken into consideration we must not allow them to overdo. The physical effort should match their age and needs to avoid doing any harm to the structure of the young bones, joints and tissues.
Giving our ESS a possibility of hunting or just taking part in working trials, though required, is not indispensable. What we have to keep in mind is assuring proper conditions for the dog to release his energy. Whether it be agility or any alternative form of a dog sport – depends only on our creativity and decision. Our favourite will always find it extremely thrilling to be able to accompany us at our leisure time with long walks, jogging or cycling.

* everyday a full bowl of good quality food
English Springer Spaniels have normally enormous gift to eat. They will devour everything and in all possible amount. Therefore to keep our friend fit and healthy it seems most significant to supply him with a proper diet which allows maintaining proper functions of his organism and immaculate condition.

* adequate care
Sharing one’s life with an English Springer Spaniel it is of great importance to supervise his ears and eyes subject to mechanical damages and various infections.
Looking after English Springer Spaniels’ hair is not a very complicated task, though it certainly needs more attention than in case of short haired breeds. Bathing, grooming and trimming – these are the most required actions, which (combined with a proper diet) make our friend’s coat glossy, thick and nice – looking.

* check – up visits at the vet clinic
In general ESS are healthy, resisitant and long living dogs (their life period often achieves 13 – 14 years). Unfortunately it does not necessarily mean that they are not liable to some genetic diseases – hips displasia, PRA (and other eyes ilnesses) or fucosidosis.
It is very essential to observe the behaviour of your dog and to react instantly to any alarming signals. Regular vaccinations and a general check – up are absolutely indispensable.
Thus for our English Springer Spaniel we should find a trustworthy doctor whom we could always visit not only in case of emergency but also when we have any doubts concerning our friend’s state of health.

  • For objective reasons all the issues mentioned above have not been fully discussed. They only constitute a collection of preliminary questions, which we have decided to share with the future owners of English Springer Spaniels and still require a detailed description from the breeder.

After reading all the items above if you still feel like having an English Springer Spaniel you have to choose a reliable breeder and a right puppy so that your life together could be filled with joy and not become a nightmare.

Therefore it is advisable to think over the purchase of a puppy and sometimes – to wait patiently for an adequate one.

Responsible breeders – breed lovers and experts should do their best to supply the future owner with detailed information on a number of issues which might appear in the up – bringing of a little Springer, at the same time being always ready to offer their help and knowledge if asked.

On our part we wish you found a wonderful, lovely and clever English Springer Spaniel puppy, endowed with the typical balanced character distinguishing the representatives of this breed among others. We also hope that this adventure will soon turn into a thrilling experience and a true love.

Agnieszka, Grzegorz, Ida & Ignaś Kulka

with the Tamaam english springer spaniels